Tips to keep pets from chewing everything

Why do dogs chew things?

There are a number of reasons why a dog might want to chew on your favourite pair of shoes or have a bite of the sofa. While puppies chew to explore or when they are having teething problems, adult dogs chew for entirely different reasons.

Sometimes it is out of boredom, especially if they are left alone for long periods of time. This is very true for breeds that are naturally energetic and become bored easily. Other times, a dog can chew things to seek attention. If they know that biting a certain item that is forbidden will get you to chase them around the room, they will learn that it gets your attention.

On rare occasions, their biting and chewing may mean that they have an unbalanced diet. If they don’t have enough calcium, they may chew stones or plaster. There are even some dogs who feel distressed when they are left alone, and this can cause them to be destructive.

How can I stop them from chewing?


It can be frustrating for owners to figure out how to make their dogs stop chewing. The best way is to eliminate the things you don’t want them to chew and provide them with healthy way to explore.


Here are some ways that you can stop them from chewing.


Give them items or toys that are safe and will survive being chewed. Make sure they cannot splinter or break into small pieces that might harm them when swallowed.

Exercise your dog regularly and away from home. This will help them to expel energy and make them more relaxed once they are back home with you.

Don’t allow them to have access to places where there are valuable items, especially if you aren’t there to supervise them.

Teach them what they can and cannot chew.

Make sure you play with them every day. Short and frequent play sessions are the best way to do this.


Once of the best ways to stop your dog from chewing is to give them a safe way to do it. Dogs toys that have been designed with them in mind are a great addition to their playtime and you have many types to choose from. Here are some of our favourites:


Toys: Soft toys that make squeaking sounds are a perfect way to distract dogs, but make sure they are put away after playtime is over. This is because they can be easily destroyed. Toys that can be left out are the ones made from more durable material and won’t break easily.

Chews: These are perfect to give to your dog when they are settling down as they are designed to be gnawed on and nibbled at over time. Examples of chews include pressed hide, chew sticks and dental rawhide.

Kongs: This type of toy is perfect for dogs to chew as they are extremely durable. They can withstand hours of chewing and not break into small pieces, making it safe for your dog. A Kong is a firm rubber toy that is hollow on the inside. A great idea is to put biscuits or soft cheese inside, which will give your dog a challenge as they attempt to get the treat out. You will be surprised at how long this can keep them entertained.

If you find that your dog becomes easily bored with the toys or chews you give them, try rotating them so they don’t have the same thing to play with all the time. Allow them to play on their own sometimes and other times join in with the fun. It is the perfect time to bond with them.

As your dog grows and becomes older, they should become less interested in chewing everything in sight. However, it will not go completely. This is why it is important to give them healthy and safe ways to chew. After all, it helps to exercise their jaws and keep their teeth clean.