There's nothing better than snuggling down under a thick blanket and watching the cold winter day pass you by. And there's no exception even for our dogs.


As a proud pet parent, here’s our top tips to help you keep your dog warm this winter:


Beds / kennels

A warm comfy bed in a well-used area of the house is the ideal spot for your pet to watch the world go by whilst being secure in the knowledge that they can see your every step without having to move a muscle. Look for beds that have a thick comfy base to keep your dogs’ body off the cold floor, and try and find one that’s the perfect size so they can nestle down into it without having a floor hanging over the side or even lots of additional space around them where the cold air can whistle past.


If yours is an outdoor dog, consider bringing them indoors during winter and treating them to a little extra warmth. If this isn't an option then make sure to check their kennel for any gaps and take a look at adding insulation, keep their beds raised off the cold floor if possible or make sure that there’s plenty of insulation underneath. Maybe even consider investing in a pet safe heat mat for those especially cold days.


Warm clothing

There are so many choices of clothing to keep your pet warm this winter, consider a waterproof coat for those cold morning walks, not only will they look classy strutting their stuff down the street, but it will also help to keep the rain and damp off their fur which could make them chilly for hours.


A warm jumper for everyday wear is also a great idea, especially if you have an outdoor dog. Just remember to keep an eye that your dog isn’t overheating if they are wearing a thick jumper inside. Remember – they already carry their own coat (fur) so can overheat.


You could even consider getting your dog a pair of boots to help keep their paws warm from the cold frosty pavement. If they’re the type of dog that really doesn’t do well in boots then have a towel ready to dry their feet when you come in from a walk.



It's tempting to let your dog’s coat grow long in the winter months, but it's actually important to keep a good grooming schedule. A dog's coat is their main source of warmth and regular grooming will not only help them to feel comfortable but will also prevent skin problems.


If you’re grooming your pet yourself then don't forget to warm the bathwater a little first - I'm sure you wouldn't like a freezing cold shower in the winter months and neither does your dog.



Dogs use more energy in winter keeping themselves warm so keep this in mind as you may need to adjust their feeding to account for the additional calories they burn each day. That being said however, if your dog is less active in winter then they may not be burning the calories as quick as they were in summer either. It's always important to talk to your vet about your pets nutritional needs to make sure you get the right balance.


Join them for a cuddle

As if you needed an excuse to give your pet a cuddle...

Why not share your body heat with your best pal and take a break from your day to cuddle up with your dog for a short while. Not only is it great for keeping them warm but it's also a great excuse for some down-time for you too!