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First, we simplified how to choose the best flea, tick and worm treatment for your pet. Then once you've selected your product, we make sure it's delivered so your pet's treatment stays on schedule.

Interactive follow-up system

For those (like us) with busy schedules, Pawtection's text messaging system never forgets about our pets.

Best Available Brands

The advanced formulas of leading-brands provide your pet with the best protection without exception.

Manageable Monthly Cost

Say good-bye to forking out for a 6-month supply of tablets and hello to a low monthly subscription that’s easy to budget for.

Never run out

Use immediately and never misplace or run out of medication again.

Easy To Administer

From tasty chewables to topical treatments, Pawtection offers the best, fast-acting products.

Healthier, Happier Pets

Administered on time, every month, both you and your pet and your home will be happier.

Pawtection, easy!

    No lock-in contracts

  • Interactive follow up system

  • Set and forget, we replace your calander

  • Resources for Pet Parents

  • Personal delivery for each of your pets

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Guided Shopping

We'll recommend the best treatment and send you a single dose each month

Scheduled Delivery

Tell us your schedule and we’ll make sure it’s sent when your pet’s monthly treatment is due

Friendly Reminders

Choose how often you’d like to be reminded to administer the treatment